Our Philosophy

What happened when a liberal arts grad, who lived in Europe teaching English as a foreign language, returned to the U.S. and started working with computers?

She found that as soon as she learned a skill in a software program, she could turn around and help someone else learn it, too.

She also realized that, for most people in the mid-1980s, computers were a “foreign country” with its own “foreign language”, and adults were not particularly comfortable learning something new and starting at square one.

That was me, Mickey Molnaire, more than 25 years ago. I was lucky, getting started at that time and staying involved as technology evolved into what we have today.

And over the years, I’ve created long-standing relationships with other local IT professionals whose expertise compliments mine in other areas: computer hardware, networks, database programming, accounting software and more.

There’s a saying “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Well, my associates and I prefer to help people learn to fish. The result we want is for you to be confident in your ability to do what you need to do with technology.

But there are occasions when people just don’t have the time or experience so they ask us to make them a five-course seafood dinner — and we can do that, too.